Who Is LoveGave?

More Together…

LoveGave is a collaboration of churches in the greater Charleston area who believe that we can accomplish more together than we could on our own.

This year, we are partnering with local schools to focus that love on our teachers.

Check out some of our exciting history below!

Our History

LoveGave 2013

In 2013, we built off of our 2012 event, LoveGave Hope, and topped a much larger goal $150,000 by raising over $157,000! TOGETHER, we were able to help fund the adoptions of 11 families. We also collected and funded supplies for four local orphan relief organizations.

LoveGave Hope

How do we give hope? We do it by bringing thousands of people together to raise funds, supplies, and awareness for the abandoned, abused, and neglected around us. The goal of LoveGave Hope was to raise $100,000 to meet the needs of the thousands of orphaned children in the Lowcountry. They all have wish lists. With your help, we wanted to make their wishes come true. For 58 straight hours, we took over 2 Super Walmart locations in Charleston, while broadcasting LIVE right here at LoveGave.com. On Dec. 6th thru Dec. 8th of 2012, LoveGave raised over $113,000 in 58 hours for Charleston Area Orphans!

LoveGave Food

Using the same basic format of LoveGave Bikes, but going after a different cause, our purpose in this project was to create awareness of the childhood hunger issue while actively doing something about it. We set out to feed hungry children and their families over their entire Christmas break, and saw enough money come through to feed them for much longer. We added a 2nd location in Madison, MS, broadcasting LIVE simultaneously at LoveGave.com, and TOGETHER raised over $58,000 to impact hunger in our cities!

LoveGave Paint

During the week of Spring Break in 2011, LoveGave partnered with the Charleston Co. School District with a goal to paint the entire inside of Mary Ford Elementary School. This was a school in huge need of revitalization, but no funds available for them to fill that need. What better way to boost overall morale, and help create a better environment for learning than to put a fresh coat of paint on their walls. Bringing in more than 300 volunteers, working countless man-hours, raising over $8,000, we were able accomplish the feat of painting over 50,000 sq ft of school. This was a week we will never forget!

LoveGave Bikes

This event in December 2010, was designed to give away 250 bikes to 250 kids. Our purpose here was to give a child a Christmas gift they normally would never receive. Once again we partnered with Walmart, spending 58 hrs camped out in front of their main entrance, perched in a crane high above the parking lot, while broadcasting LIVE at LoveGave.com. We started on Thursday morning, and by midnight on Friday we had hit our goal. We ended up giving away over $18,000 in bikes to kids who represented 12 different Charleston area schools!

LoveGave Schools

In July of 2010, LoveGave partnered with Walmart to fulfill a goal of providing 300 backpacks full of school supplies for students at Title I schools in the Charleston Co School District. We spent 2 full days collecting these supplies and stuffing backpacks, getting them prepped and ready for delivery. Our goal of 300 was blown out of the water in giving away over 600 backpacks filled with supplies, and writing a check for $1,000 to another local school!

LoveGave Stories

This is the project that started it all, and it was all about loving complete strangers. We put $25 gift cards in the hands of 125 people to perform random acts of kindness throughout the city of Charleston, SC. Anything from buying coffees, to lunch or dinner, to buying groceries or purchasing gas, this was a simple gesture, but one that had great effect throughout our community. Whether it was through giving or receiving, people shared many incredible stories of how they were impacted at LoveGave.com.